A downloadable Adventure Module

A Special Pandemic Freebie, But Like, Super Upbeat, Unlike the Pandemic

The tiny village of Blossom Grove is a pleasant stop along the route through these hills, and normally everything's fine, but ... why are there Slimes everywhere, renting all the rooms, drinking all the ale, stacking on the sheep and letting their Slime Toddlers run loose? And what's a Slime Fountain, anyway??

Slimes in Blossom Grove is a free adventure module for Risus: The Anything RPG about an unusual sort of rescue, an unusual sort of mystery, and a whole lot of Slimes. This adventure takes place in Uresia: Grave of Heaven or the fantasy world of your choice, and it's RawRisus Raw: a special kind of fast-track release to help expand the library of fun, free RPG stuff during this difficult time. Here's hoping it finds you well, and safe, and that it provides happiness and distraction.


Slimes in Blossom Grove.zip 2 MB