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In the dim corridors of a backwater starport, starfarers offer themselves to the maw of the Mad God, bitter men seek revenge outside the law, and strange aliens titter and scream at the sight of inhuman erotica! From grim tragedy to salty satire, this is Points in Space, a science-fiction roleplaying resource by S. John Ross, author of Among the Clans, the Star Trek Narrators ToolkitGURPS Warehouse 23, Uresia: Grave of Heaven and more.

Points in Space: Starport Locations describes 15 locations that might be found in any starport, orbital colony, or outpost. The locations can be used together, or inserted into any setting at need. Backstory, secrets, important NPCs, services provided, seeds for adventure and annotated floorplans accompany every one!

There's more. The 40-page locations book also comes with a PDF of table-smothering 1:36 scale versions of every floorplan: fifteen tactical maps (arranged for tiled poster-print) for months and years of miniatures play (some alternate scales also included). The book even includes rules for an alien gambling game (complete with print-at-home cards).

Points in Space is part of the All-Systems Library™, Cumberland's line of rules-free gaming books. All-Systems titles contain no system-specific game rules whatsoever, just the "good stuff" - the people, the places, the ideas, the sense of adventure you crave. Not in the mood for space opera? There are All-Systems Library™ titles for historical and fantasy games, too!

From the vaults of Cumberland Games comes this, one of the earliest gaming PDFs ever sold! Now this dusty old artifact is available here (and it's not so dusty at all; things keep pretty well in space)! If you're used to my more recent work, you'll find the maps a bit simpler (I was just learning vector graphics back in 2000; see the preview above) but the writing and design still very much what you're used to from me (in fact, I think it's some of my best). Here's hoping you love it, it's an old soldier still ready to kick some butt.


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