A downloadable Pen-and-Paper RPG

The world's huggiest little tabletop RPG? Maybe!

For some, Risus is a handy “emergency” RPG for spur-of-the-moment one-shots and rapid character creation. For others, it’s a reliable campaign system supporting years of play. For others still, it’s a strange little pamphlet with stick figures. No matter what you think it is, there's no wrong way to play.

For newcomers: note also that Risus has been translated to Belarusian, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Croatian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Esperanto, Thai and Russian; check out the Risus fan-community for those and so much more! Other Risus titles include adventure modules (Toast of the Town and Slimes in Blossom Grove), Ring of Thieves (a solitaire adventure) and the mighty Risus Companion

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