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The town looks peaceful enough, but there’s a pillar of smoke from last night’s fire, burned corpses from the wreckage, and a demon strung up against the church in the market square. Dolemon Drake, a local hero, gives the call to all brave souls to join him in eradicating the devilish creatures infesting the sewers. Will our heroes join in Drake’s noble fight?

Toast of the Town is a free adventure module for Risus: The Anything RPG with a groovy map (Trostig town), a warm stack of ready-to-play characters, a GM cheat-sheet, and more swashbuckling heroic adventure than most things you'll eat today. This adventure takes place in Uresia: Grave of Heaven along the shore of a remote mountain lake, but it's designed to slot painlessly into the fantasy world of your choice (or just pillage the setting material for your own fantasy city or town)!

Cumberland Games & Diversions


SA1 Toast of the Town.zip 16 MB