Cumberland Games & Diversions

A fantasy worldbook of unusual character.
A four-page tabletop roleplaying game with a huggy global community.
In the cruel kingdoms north of the Viraxian Empire, a barbarian seeks treasure - and vengeance!
Interactive Fiction
A free pulp-fantasy adventure for Risus. In a remote mountain town, there's a problem with demons, and lies.
A font with 60 grid styles: hexes, isometric, quad and more, for print or screen.
A 64-page guide for a 4-page game. Crazy like a fox, or just crazy?
Early Access to Uresia's Signature City in Obsessive Cartographic Detail
The monster in your pocket is cuddly, evil, and itching for action!
A look at medieval society from its lower rungs.
A festive, time-traveling mini-campaign for Risus.
A city-dweller's look at 13th to 15th century Europe.
Fifteen locations that might be found in any starport, orbital colony, or outpost.
A free pulp-fantasy adventure for Risus. The village is overrun with Slimes! Tourist Slimes?
A Uresian miscellany: maps and lore and more.
Fantasy alphabet, oracle, and font set from heaven's grave.
An accursed vessel, or a warm, mismatched family? A Uresia mini-supplement.
A print-and-play solitaire for Risus! Your partner has been kidnapped, but you still have the ring.
A graphic aid for map-loving Uresia GMs
Twelve subtly different character sheets for Risus: The Anything RPG.
An unfinished tribute to Paul Panks, part of the "Bring Out Your Dead" abandoned-games jam.
Interactive Fiction